pharmacy as career

pharmacy as career

Pharmacy revolves around people and medicines with special emphasis on the manufacture of medicines, their supply, appropriate use and effects. The ultimate concern of pharmacy is to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate medicines and benefits from the proper use of these.

Pharmacy is an ever-developing profession that offers excellent career prospects. The work is interesting and varied offering the opportunity to join the healthcare team in safeguarding the nation's health. There is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and a choice of working environments and geographical locations.

The Study of Pharmacy Diploma provides career as a para medical personnel in Health Care System. Trained personnel in pharmacy are always in demand. Qualified Pharmacy Graduates have a wide scope of career development in industry, education, research and self-employment.

The requirement for admission into Pharmacy

Higher Secondary Examination passed with Science Stream (10 + 2 system) or equivalent qualification prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India under Education Regulations is the minimum qualification for admission to Diploma and Degree in Pharmacy.

Almost all States of Country are having facilities of Pharmacy Education. There are several Pharmacy institutions in Gujarat and other States approved by Pharmacy Council of India. Admissions can be availed on merit or in management quota, in the limits of no. of seats sanctioned by Pharmacy Council of India.

It is expected from the students seeking admission into a pharmacy institution, that before getting admission approval of the institution by Pharmacy Council of India (P.C.I.) is required to be checked and admissions should be availed only on seats sanctioned by the P.C.I.

If the Pharmacy Institution is not approved by the Pharmacy Council of India, the students of the concerned institute are not entitled for registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 and rules thereof. Completing a diploma or degree course and passing of an Examination in Pharmacy from an institution approved by P.C.I. is one of the pre-requisites to be entitled one's name to be entered as a pharmacist on the Register of the concerned State Pharmacy Council to practice profession of pharmacy in the particular state.